Palm House is your leid back and local hangout pairing great cocktails and food with good vibes


Do you take reservations? 

For those who prefer to secure their table in advance, we offer a limited number of reservations. To be seated on our Patio and Solarium we do offer the option to be placed on a waitlist so please see our host stand or bartender for more details! 

Do you accept walk-ins?

We understand that planning is overrated and spontaneity is the spice of life! That's why we always keep availability for walk-ins for groups of any size. Simply walk in and our friendly team will be happy to accommodate you at the door. Please note that while reservations provide a guaranteed table, we strive to accommodate walk-ins as much as possible. Big groups, no problem. However, during peak hours, there might be a short wait time for walk-in groups. Grab a maitai at the bar or play a game of pool while you wait - and hey, you might even meet someone new. Regardless, we'll make it happen 

How do I book a table for 13? Is there a minimum? 

We love advanced bookings for large groups! You can email for more information or fill out an inquiry form on our private events page.

Why QR Code ordering?

Our restaurant offers a casual, come-as-you-are atmosphere. There are no traditional 'servers' taking orders. Please walk in and choose a table, place your order via the QR code on your table, and we'll deliver your food and drinks to you when ready.  

We know QR codes are not for everyone, but they help free up our talented team to focus more on hospitality, execution and connection rather than spending time on redundant steps of service such as writing down orders and punching them into a computer. QR codes allow you to control the pace of your meal and give you the opportunity to order more food and drinks at your leisure. Our staff will regularly check in on you, answer any questions,  and ensure you know the story of our menu. 

If you prefer not to use QR codes, we've got you. Please place your order with one of our bartenders - we'll make your drinks and provide you with a number.

Can I bring my dog?

We love your furry friends so much so that we frequently host dog friendly events! Check out our upcoming events page to get information on our upcoming Pawm House events! 

Do you have televisions? 

Yes! We have six large screen televisions that can be seen from our Patio to our back Kahuna Cove.  We often feature Bay Area sports and if you ask nicely we would be happy to play your team as well! 

Do you offer takeout and delivery?

Yes, our menu is available for takeout! Feel free to call our host stand or order online through Doordash!